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Welcome to the Official XWPVS Virtual Season 8.  We will present you with 22 episodes that I am sure you will enjoy.  We would also like to hear from you. You can write us at: theofficialxwpvs@hotmail.com

Now... On with the show.

The following episode written for the Xena Warrior Princess Virtual Season is a work of fiction based upon the television series Xena: Warrior Princess. The original characters are used strictly for fan purposes and NOT for profit. There is no intent to infringe upon or violate any copyrights held by Studio USA, Renaissance Pictures, Universal Television or any other organization that owns the rights to this series.

The script, story ideas, and any characters created by the authors that are not part of the original series are copyrighted and remain the sole property of those authors. Also, any original artworks are copyrighted and remain the sole property of those artists. Permission to use any of the written or drawn works herein must be submitted to the original author(s) and artist(s).



Xena Warrior Princess Virtual Season Episode

802: Children of the Forest

Written by: Magenta

Beta Readers: Closet Warrior Princess, Ashley Mayo, and CA Osborne
Illustrated by: Kathy Austin

Teaser ad by: Blitzgal



XENA and GABRIELLE are paddling up a river surrounded by a lush forest. The leaves on the trees are just beginning to turn different shades of red, yellow and orange signaling the coming autumn.

The warrior and the bard are wearing plain buckskin.


So...what are you saying? That you want to get paid or get some statue in tribute to your name?



No, that's not it at all...you know better than that, Gabrielle.



Well, then, what?



I'm frustrated! I want so much for the future, but I feel like everything we do is in vain.



Care to explain that?



What's the point of saving some defenseless villagers when they'll continue to be defenseless for the next army? What's the point of defeating one warlord when it seems like ten more pop up to take their place?

(sighs again, irritated - beat)

I dunno...what if my sense, OUR sense, of the Greater Good isn't good enough for everyone else?



Why haven't you said anything before now?



Never really had time to...


Their conversation is interrupted by a woman's scream, angry shouting, and war cries.

They look at each other briefly before rowing faster towards shore.

Once close enough, Xena and Gabrielle slide out of the canoe and quietly drag it onto the riverbank and climb up the slope to see what the ruckus is all about.

A little further up the river, in a clearing by the water's edge, seven braves, armed with tomahawks and war clubs, harassing a peaceful caravan consisting of a few armed warriors, a couple of young boys on the verge of becoming men, an elder and his wife.

One of the braves has killed the elder, who was trying to protect himself and his people.

The woman is wailing in mourning, while the children are lashing out.

One brave pushes a child down and kneels over the elder's prone body.

A pre-teenage boy steps up to the brave, speaking in a voice so low that only those in the immediate area can hear, anger flashing in his brown-black eyes.

The brave pulls back as if to bludgeon the boy and that is when Xena literally leaps into the chaos, catching the tomahawk and giving the arm a good twist.

She pushes it away and the man uses the momentum to swing the tomahawk underhanded back at Xena.

As she blocks the blow, she's attacked from behind by three braves.

Gabrielle springs forward and punches the man in front of her then reverse high kicks the man behind her in the head, knocking him down.

The man to her right side lunges forward to hit her with his tomahawk.

Meanwhile, Xena jumps and spins at the same time, knocking the first man down and knocking out the three whom were coming at her from behind.

The man who was knocked down gets up onto his feet as fast as possible and rushes Xena while drawing a dagger, swinging his tomahawk and the dagger amazingly fast.

Xena catches a blow from the tomahawk with her sword and hand while blocking the dagger attack with her shin guard. She wraps her leg around the arm holding the dagger and squeezes until the man drops it, then she flips backwards onto her hands, managing to throw the man while dislodging her leg from its precarious position.

He lands with a solid thud and stays down.

Xena turns to see that Gabrielle is about to get bludgeoned while she's busy fighting two other braves and takes a running leap forward, launching herself towards Gabrielle and her attacker.

She slips a little on the dew wet leaf litter, losing precious moments.

She ends up taking the blow intended for Gabrielle on her own head and her dead weight knocks the bard aside and pins her down.

Thinking they're victorious over the intruders, the last two braves left conscious turn and start towards the caravan, gripping their tomahawks and war clubs menacingly.

Everything happened too quickly for Gabrielle to register what exactly had occurred, but she feels fresh blood pour onto her shoulder from where Xena's head lays on it.

Frightened and angry, Gabrielle gently pulls herself from underneath Xena and rushes towards the two remaining men, launching herself into the air horizontally to knock them both down.

She then rolls up to a standing position and hits the man on her left in the face to knock him back out, then does several back flips to dodge a fierce attack from the man on her right.

On the last back flip, she extends herself a little more to kick the man on the chin, making him flip over and land on his stomach.

The man Xena flipped over her shoulder has awakened and picked up his knife, throwing it with deadly accuracy.

Gabrielle hears that it's coming, but not fast enough as it gashes her shoulder deeply.


She grasps her arm in pain then looks over her shoulder to see the brave coming towards her.

She does a one-handed back flip with a half twist which lands her face-to-face with the brave.

He pulls back to punch her, but her punch lands first.

He's out.

Gabrielle looks around and all of the men are unconscious.

She signs to the caravan to have them tie up the attacking braves.

As they comply, she then rushes to Xena's side.



Xena? Xena, open your eyes, okay?



Xena's unconscious head rolls back and forth as Gabrielle strokes her cheeks and checks the wound.








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