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Welcome to the Official XWPVS Virtual Season 8.  We will present you with 22 episodes that I am sure you will enjoy.  We would also like to hear from you. You can write us at: theofficialxwpvs@hotmail.com

Now... On with the show.

The following episode written for the Xena Warrior Princess Virtual Season is a work of fiction based upon the television series Xena: Warrior Princess. The original characters are used strictly for fan purposes and NOT for profit. There is no intent to infringe upon or violate any copyrights held by Studio USA, Renaissance Pictures, Universal Television or any other organization that owns the rights to this series.

The script, story ideas, and any characters created by the authors that are not part of the original series are copyrighted and remain the sole property of those authors. Also, any original artworks are copyrighted and remain the sole property of those artists. Permission to use any of the written or drawn works herein must be submitted to the original author(s) and artist(s).


Xena Warrior Princess Virtual Season Episode

805: Curse of the Lake Demon

Teleplay by: Arabella P. Girardi and Benjamin Munaretto

Written by: Arabella P. Girardi and Benjamin Munaretto

Illustrated by: Vio, Trish, and Kathy Austin

Beta read by: Kay Porter, Amber Morrison, Chris Schinella & Diane Taubold

Teaser ad by: Blitzgal




Xena and Gabrielle are canoeing, paddling leisurely across the river to a spot renowned among the local natives for its fishing.

It is a chilly fall day and they are wearing long buckskin coats over their clothes. Gabrielle, in the bow, scans the scenery, enjoying the rich autumn sights and smells.


Bet there are some monster fish in this lake.


(rolling her eyes)

If there are, I know youíll spend this whole trip trying to catch them.


(pointing to three small ripples in the water)

Look. Breakfast, lunch, dinner.



Actually, I thought venison would be a nice change of pace.




Xena, blue eyes fixed on a long ripple in the distance, says nothing. She points to the spot in the water.

Gabrielleís eyes move in that direction.



Big fish, huh?


Suddenly, a rolling swell is headed toward them.



Head to shore! Now!


Both women pick up their paddles.

Xena puts hers in the water on the left, Gabrielle on the right and they paddle furiously towards shore.

The swell follows them.

As they paddle faster, the motion in the water builds up its speed.



Itís almost on top of us.


Xena quickly scans their surroundings. Off to her left she notices a boulder jutting out from the river.

The water is racing around it.



Paddle towards that boulder on our left. Thereís a strong current and it will move us faster!


As they get close to the boulder, Gabrielle uses her paddle to push them into the moving current.

They continue to paddle north, the current thrusting them faster down the river. Their canoe bobs and weaves in the water as the two women struggle to keep it on an even keel.

Xena glances over her shoulder. Whatever is in the water has changed course to pursue them.



Great Hera! Paddle faster!



Iím paddling! Iím paddling!


There is a sound in the distance. A roar that is getting louder as they get closer.



Xena! Whatís that sound?


The warrior, still paddling, has her head turned, more concerned with what is behind them, than what is ahead of them. But whatever was following them, seems to have stopped.

She turns anxiously to Gabrielle.



Sounds like a waterfall! Try and get us to shore! Whatever was following us has stopped!



I think itís too late! The currentís too strong!



Then, hang on!!


Both women put their paddles into the canoe and grab onto the sides of the small craft.

The torrent of water washes them along, like floating debris toward the ever louder sound in the distance.

Rocks can be seen up ahead. Water is now splashing into the craft and onto them.

Xena reaches for her paddle.


(yelling over the sound of rushing water)

Try and push us clear of the rocks!


Gabrielle doesnít have time to answer. She grabs her paddle and instinctively lunges out at the fast approaching rocks and pushes the canoe away.

Xena quickly glances over her shoulder and her eyes go wide as whatever was pursuing them from beneath the water begins to surface.

Its head is huge.

The canoe weaves to the right, and to the left, nearly spinning until another current of water sets it straight again.

Water splashes into the craft and over them as the current moves them ever faster toward the roaring sound of falling water.



Xena! Weíre going over!!!



Hang on Gabrielle!


The canoe hurdles over the edge, both women holding onto the edges of the canoe with all their might, as it plummets towards the swirling torrents below.

As the canoe goes over the edge, a scaly, snake-like head breaches the surface revealing red eyes and ram-like horns.

It raises its front out of the water to expose flippers. Angry that its prey has gotten away, it slaps its long whip-like tail against a boulder, sending rocks flying toward the edge of the waterfall.

A roar escapes its sharp-tooth filled maw.





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