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Welcome to the Official XWPVS Virtual Season 8.  We will present you with 22 episodes that I am sure you will enjoy.  We would also like to hear from you. You can write us at: theofficialxwpvs@hotmail.com

Now... On with the show.

The following episode written for the Xena Warrior Princess Virtual Season is a work of fiction based upon the television series Xena: Warrior Princess. The original characters are used strictly for fan purposes and NOT for profit. There is no intent to infringe upon or violate any copyrights held by Studio USA, Renaissance Pictures, Universal Television or any other organization that owns the rights to this series.

The script, story ideas, and any characters created by the authors that are not part of the original series are copyrighted and remain the sole property of those authors. Also, any original artworks are copyrighted and remain the sole property of those artists. Permission to use any of the written or drawn works herein must be submitted to the original author(s) and artist(s).




Xena Warrior Princess Virtual Season Episode

809: Wolf's Bane

Teleplay by: Magenta

Written by: Magenta

Illustrated by: Slash

Beta Read by: NCC1701MF (David and Maria) 

Teaser ad by: Blitzgal






The moon is high and full, illuminating the vast expanse of forest before us.



A horse is running through the forest on an overgrown path. Her eyes shine with fear as she speeds on.

There is something big and furry chasing the horse, but it's hidden by the foliage that it speeds through.

The horse leaps and swerves to miss roots and and low-lying branches that would hinder her escape.

Suddenly, the horse loses her footing, but regains it as quickly as possible... the stumble costs her seconds.

The shadowy creature behind her leaps up onto a nearby tree trunk, then leaps off, propelling itself forward and onto the back of the horse just before she would have made it out of the forest.



We hear, but do not see, the horse neighing in pain as the creature growls and begins to feast.

Then, there is silence, excepting for the insects and nocturnal animals populating the night with their sounds.

A bone-chilling howl then pierces the quiet and when the sound had faded away, there is nothing.

Not even the insects make a sound nor do the leaves rustle with the breeze.



Xena and Gabrielle are walking side-by-side down the path.

Both are listening intently to each other and their surroundings.



Some teachers are so devoted to their teachings and the regimented moves that they're blind to everything else. While I was in Chin, I visited a lot of sensei/philosophers and one struck a certain chord with me. His name was Lee Jun Fan and he said that a great fighter shouldn't be as hard as a rock or bound to certain moves. Kata are good for exercises, but they're no good in a fight. A fighter should be like water, powerful yet supple and able to adapt to any condition or circumstance. Water isn't the tea cup, but it becomes the tea cup. Pour that same cup of water into your hands and it adapts to the shape of your hands. The key is unpredictability...


Gabrielle tries to slap the back of Xena's head, but Xena pinches Gabrielle's rear first.



Ow! Hey! Was that really necessary?



I knew you'd try something, so I surprised you.



Okay, but how do you do that with strangers? I mean, yeah, you could guess that I'd try something because you know me, but ...



Don't act, react, remember? Think that everything is possible and go from there.



Oh... okay, so basically be paranoid?



You make it sound like a bad thing...


Gabrielle smiles and shrugs. Suddenly, both of them look to their right, then at each other.

They hear shouting and laments further into the woods. With a nod from the warrior, the two of them head the direction of the sounds.

Xena draws her sword as quietly as possible.

The further into the woods they go, the louder the sounds become.

Up ahead, they notice that an overgrown path has recently been trampled.

Xena bends to look at the tracks and Gabrielle kneels beside her.



Quickly, tell me what you see.


Gabrielle looks around a bit.



Something was chasing a horse. Something big.



Notice the hoof indentations... the horse was full-grown and riderless.


Now, look here...

Gabrielle follows Xena's pointing hand to a footprint of the creature that was chasing the horse.



It's a bit big to be a dog, isn't it?


Xena shrugs noncommittally.



Would I be wrong if I said dog?



Not at all... you'd be right.


The bard gives Xena a sideways glance.



I guess it's too late to say that I wish I hadn't left that sword with Enya...


More commotion up the path gets their attention and they follow it. After a few beats, both Xena and Gabrielle notice that the dog tracks have stopped.

They then notice that a trunk has been ripped up.

A further few yards there is a group of five men rigging up a carcass to a long, thick branch to be carried away.

Xena puts away her sword.



Excuse me!


The men turn towards them, on guard, then relax. All except one man, in a dirty white shirt, turn back to their task.



What happened?


A man in a dirty green shirt turns to answer her over his shoulder.



What is it to you? It's none of your concern.


The man in the white shirt stares wide-eyed at the two women, instantly recognizing them by the chakram on Xena's hip.

The man in the white shirt puts his hand on Mathieu's shoulder.



Hold Mathieu! This is Xena and Gabrielle of Greece! They can help!

(excitedly points to each man)

The cranky one's Mathieu. That's Jean-Marc, he's Andre, and he's Alain. I'm Urbain, assistant magistrate of DeChamps Village. A great beast is killing off all of our free-roaming livestock.


It is obvious from his manner, that Urbain is thrilled to be talking to two legendary heroes. Urbain steps aside to show Xena and Gabrielle the mutilated horse.

Gabrielle almost loses it, but maintains composure.



How long has this been going on?


(looks forlorn for a moment)

For a while, I suppose... but it only happens for three nights every moon...



How many nights are left?





Off of Xena and Gabrielle's looks of horror we...





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