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Welcome to the Official XWPVS Virtual Season 8.  We will present you with 22 episodes that I am sure you will enjoy.  We would also like to hear from you. You can write us at: theofficialxwpvs@hotmail.com

Now... On with the show.

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The following episode written for the Xena Warrior Princess Virtual Season is a work of fiction based upon the television series Xena: Warrior Princess. The original characters are used strictly for fan purposes and NOT for profit. There is no intent to infringe upon or violate any copyrights held by Studio USA, Renaissance Pictures, Universal Television or any other organization that owns the rights to this series.

The script, story ideas, and any characters created by the authors that are not part of the original series are copyrighted and remain the sole property of those authors. Also, any original artworks are copyrighted and remain the sole property of those artists. Permission to use any of the written or drawn works herein must be submitted to the original author(s) and artist(s).


Xena Warrior Princess Virtual Season Episode

821: Wrath of Hell

Written by: Chris Schinella

Teleplay by: Chris Schinella
Illustrated by: Kathy, MaryCat, and Gina

Guest Illustrator: Chris Schinella

Beta Read by: David Duncan, Maria and David

Teaser ad by:



Xena and Gabrielle, on horseback, are making their way to meet Eve, just outside of Jerusalem.

The sky is clear blue, the sun is warm, and spring foliage is beginning to bloom.

Both women are wearing light coats in the chill spring air. To their right, off in the distance is a ridge of mountains. On their left, grassy hills. On the road before them, many travelers are making their way to the city for the holy days of Pesah.

The road leading to the city is hard packed after a long winter. Aligned on either side of the road are rows of crosses, two bearing the bodies of the persecuted.

For an instant we see pained expressions on both their faces as they recall the agony of being crucified themselves.

They turn to one another remembering, each reaching out a hand to the other as they turn and glance down at the base of the crosses, and see family members wail in sorrow, crying out to their god for a savior.



This is so sick, Xena. We've got to try and help these people...


Xena is silent, the vision of that day still burning in her mind.

By the looks on the faces of those making their pilgrimage, we see fear and despair in the eyes of a people oppressed.

Xena pulls back on the reins of her horse, bringing it to a halt. Gabrielle does likewise.



Why does Eve want us to meet her here?


(looking at the rows of crosses)

I would wager it has something to do with all this...



Flashbacks to when she was Livia?



Guilt can do strange things.


Gabrielle only nods. Ahead of them, some 300 meters (1000 feet), looms the great wall surrounding the city.

Even from where they sit, they can see the gates of the city are guarded by Roman soldiers. They appear to be stopping the travelers and searching them.



They're obviously searching for weapons.


At that point, they see a Roman guard confiscate what appears to be a sword. Xena nods to the mountains on her right.



She said to look for three ridges. The tallest in the middle. That looks like them.


Let's go.


Xena pulls off the road. Gabrielle follows.




Acrid smoke fills the air. Dark stone walls with veins of red lava flowing through them surround a tall, horned, winged figure peering into a bubbling cauldron.

At his feet, sniveling minions hang on every word.


(sneering - talking to no one in particular)

I will have my revenge. One way or another. You will all pay for what you did to me.


A taloned finger swirls the bubbling mixture in the cauldron until, within the bubbles and mist, an image appears.




Within the bubbling mist we see Xena and Gabrielle making their way across the rocky terrain in the direction of the ridges.

The scene in the cauldron changes to a man, dressed in animal skins. He stands in water just above his knees. He pours water on the heads of those kneeling before him.




Slowly Lucifer turns.



His days are numbered as are those of his cousin.



Close-up of the battered and bruised face of the Archangel Michael.

Our point of view pulls back.

Hanging from the crude red-hot stone wall of the underworld, chained in steaming black shackles, is a battered, tortured and nearly unconscious archangel.

Slowly he opens his swollen eyes. He stares down at his fallen brother.



With each evil act you perform, you only prove us right.

(beat - breaths short)

It was not Xena ...or Gabrielle ... or Eve ... or myself that brought about your downfall, but your own arrogance.



Lucifer walks menacingly around the hanging archangel.


(voice cold and calculating)

No, my righteous brother... you did have a hand in it... You are really to blame... You and THEM... You planned it all...


Lucifer runs a talon deep into Michael's leg. Blood oozes.



I followed my orders. You were to be tested. Your own jealousy, your own actions brought you here.


Lucifer, infuriated, cuts him off.




A bolt of fire flies and strikes Michael, singeing his wings and hair.

Michael writhers in pain. His chains rattle. The minions cackle.



I will have my revenge! One way or another you will all pay for your trickery and your deceit.


Lucifer turns and tilts his head up at the hanging archangel.

His forked tongue slithers outward and he hisses his next words.



I've already turned them against you! They believe that you are the one who battled them in the marketplace in Rome...


That you have turned your back on them...

(beat- smugly)

I was good. Really good. My deceit was complete. They no longer trust you.


So my brother... Do not think they will try to save your righteous carcass from this...

(spreads his arms wide)

MY Kingdom!


Gabrielle learned to forgive... Xena once saved a lost soul doomed to remain in hell...



And I managed to impersonate you in Rome, made them believe you had abandoned them!


(smiles weakly)

Did you?


Or did you only bring about their ultimate test?


LUCIFER (raging)

SILENCE!!! The only one who tests now, is ME!







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