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written for The Xena Warrior Princess Virtual Season is a work of fiction based upon the television series Xena: Warrior Princess.

The original characters are used strictly for fan purposes and not for profit.

There is no intent to infringe upon or violate any copyrights held by Studio USA, Renaissance Pictures, Universal Television or any other organization that owns the rights to this series.

The script, story ideas, and any characters created by the authors that are not part of the original series are copyrighted and remain the sole property of those authors. Also, any original artworks are copyrighted and remain the sole property of those artists. Permission to use any of the written or drawn works herein must be submitted to the original author(s) and artist(s).


Xena: Warrior Princess Virtual Season

Episode 711: A Day In The Camp

Teleplay by: CN Winters

Story by: CN Winters, Barry Marshall and Absinthe

Illustrated by: Gina and Rich





Mel Pappas sits in her third story apartment at a desk by a window and looks outside occasionally as she writes in her journal.

The sun is beginning to set.


(voice over)

About three weeks ago, the State Department came to Janice and I looking for help. Well, that’s not exactly true. At first they wanted Harry 'Grave Robber' Covington but when they learned of his death and of his daughter’s work, they decided to go with the 'next best thing'. There was some initial reluctance, of course, what with Janice bein’ a woman and all, but as one of the 'suits' (as Janice puts it) said, she's as crazy and brave as her old man. So, with a few thousand dollars, a car to move around in and paperwork stating we are husband and wife Swiss Nationals, we were on our way.


Mel looks out the window and sees a truck pull up but doesn't give it much thought.


(voice over - continued)

It's a dangerous mission and Janice, my partner of over four years, tried to send me home at first, but she needed someone she trusted who spoke German fluently. Even she had to admit that German isn't one of her strongest languages, so I volunteered. I'd give my life for Janice if I had to because I know she'd do the same. She cut her long, beautiful blonde hair to masquerade as a man – it will cause less suspicion than watching a woman out walking the streets alone, especially since the Allied Forces are so close now. The city seems to go from graveyard quiet to a state of panic in an instant.


We have a meeting tonight with our contact in the regular German Army. According to Janice, he's got an ax to grind with the SS, so she thinks he can be trusted. But for now I sit and wait for her to return from the market. It's better if she goes out into the city - with my dark features Janice is concerned it would attract too much attention so I sit...and I wait. Not the most exciting of our adventures but I know what we're doing is for the greater good so that makes it easier.


Mel hears a ruckus outside. She puts down her pen and adjusts her glasses before looking out the window to see what the noise is about.

When she does, she sees some storm troopers loading people into a huge 5 ton truck with high metal walls and a locking door.

The next sight makes her heart jump to her throat. She sees a figure in tan khakis and a fedora fighting his way into the back.


Mel runs down the stairs as quickly as possible.



Without thought, Mel spins the Nazi around expecting to find Janice.

Instead she's shocked to see that the captive is a young man.

The Nazi and young man are both surprised by her actions and appearance.

But the Nazi's companion officer takes the chance to punch their struggling captive in the face and throw him into the truck.

Now the Nazi who was momentarily stunned takes an interest in Mel as Mel realizes she's in trouble.



(spoken in German with subtitles)

Your papers!


His voice is stern.

Mel doesn't say anything and must remind herself to speak in German.



I have them upstairs.

(Points to the window)

My husband and I are traveling from abroad.



Papers are useless when you strike an officer. You will be punished.


The guard grabs Mel and starts to pull her toward the truck as she protests.

At that moment, we see Janice Covington round the corner with a sack in her hand and a cigarette in her mouth.

She sees Mel being loaded in the truck.




The two storm troopers secure the door with Mel inside, looking out the rear window, she spots Janice but doesn't call out for fear of tipping off the SS officers.

The two Nazis go toward the cab and hop inside.

Janice arrives at the back of the truck just as the ignition turns over.

She pulls her gun, aims at the lock but decides against shooting it for fear of hurting someone.

She's frustrated and shoves the gun back into her shoulder holster.



Damn it! Think, Janice! Think!


The truck shifts into gear and without thought Janice drops to the ground and scurries underneath, settling into the carriage workings of the vehicle.

Her arms and legs are outstretched to support herself as the truck begins to move.



This is crazy, Covington. You are absolutely nuts.


The truck travels on and it grows darker outside.

The puddles that they come across splash up and cover Janice from head to toe.






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