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XWPVS Episode VS-8 Ads

     Here are more of Blitzgal's work. I am missing a number of teaser ads due to the number of times we have moved. I am continuing to search for them. Hopefully they will turn up. I do apologize for the size of the images, but I was only able to find thumbnails.


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These are the Ads for Virtual Season 8

"By any chance have I told you yet that this is the stupidest idea I've ever heard?"

"If Xena destroys a Lake Demon's body, we will all be lost."

"They look like Celts. We must be near Gaul."

"My mother is Queen of the Erin Celts. What are Amazons?"

"They found my journals...Some of it is... uhmmm, personal..."

"Once Xena and her irritating friend have the Cronus Stone, you get to go free."

"If they think she's trouble, wait 'til they get a load of me!"

"How about we up the ante and let the mortals deal our hand?"

I'm your teacher, and I'm here to educate you!

Still missing 19 episode 20 teaser ad and episode 21 teaser ad
I am still searching for episodes 19 - 21

If they cannot be found, Trish, one of the team artists will create new ones.

Would like to extend a thank you to Karen Lines who recently found the original teaser ads for episode 17 and 18.


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