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 The episode advertisements you see here were created (except where noted otherwise) by Blitzgal, a very talented young woman with a flare for advertising. They aired a week before the actual episode.

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Teaser Ads for Season 7

"There is a way, Gabrielle."

"Let me show you what you are afraid to see."

"When the sand runs ou, you die."

"Come on Xena. Throw out your chakram and let's take over the world!"

"She's going to find us. She's near."

"Whoever thought that a girl like me could have a family like this?"

"The only way out of here is death."

"I am willing to do anything it takes to protect the Amazon nation."

"Outrunning Nazis, getting shot in the shoulder, nearly blown up by Allied troops... Germany's been a hoot!"


 "Every nine years seven men and seven women are selected to be sacrificed to the Minotaur. This time, two of them are from Amphipolis."

"I was wondering if you would like to play a little game of  'what if'."

"If anyone can go sailing west, it's you."

  Virtual Season 8 Ads

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