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Yes, we still get fan-mail from folks who have recently discovered our website.


Hi!  My name is Jayson, and for the past couple of evenings I have been reading the episodes you have posted for the vitual seasons of Xena...
I am simply blown away by the writing that all of you have managed to come up with!  Not only is it good, but I personally believe it keeps with the spirit of the original show, of which I am a huge fan to this day.
Also, you managed to pack so much cultural information within the first episodes of season 7... I don't envy the research you would have had to do for that, but I do very much enjoy the end results!
I have just now started episode 8 of season 7...  So far my favorite episode overall was "The Game" because of the pantheonic struggle between Cthulhu and the Egyptian gods... but I also liked Arabian Nights because of the cameo Autolycus had as Aladdin.  Autolycus was ALWAYS my favorite character on both the Xena and Hercules shows...  I know at one point a writer by the pen name of Omar Snake had a website up with a virtual show of Autolycus, The King of Thieves... but I think its been scrapped now.  I've been looking for a week and can't find anything, other than a few of his episodes posted on fanfiction.net
Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work that you all have put into this, and with hopes that more episodes/seasons may come along!
God Bless,



I recently discovered the virtual episode sight and wonder what the chances are of some of your episodes being turned into special tv episodes?

~ Carol Gouty ~

ANS:  Well, unless Rob Tapert, Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor want to revive the series, even for special airings say, three times a year... I doubt that any of our virtual episodes will air.  Though, we did have a couple of fan based producers who meddle with producing amateur movies ask if they could produce Honor Bound. They had doubles of Lucy and Renee already lined up... but things didn't pan out.

I've just now (no, I didn't know about your site back then) discovered your Virtual Xena episodes. I'm only into Act 3 of the 7th episode and I think it's Great! With all that happened to Xena, I knew she could be brought back if only someone would write it and produce it. I hated how the TV series left us at such a sad and unanswered ending... it just wasn't fair. Being of an adventurous heart with fire in my veins it was really hard to accept the ending the TV series aired. Plus, I thought that maybe sometime down the road (year or so later) the Directors would give us fans a better understanding and ending by having a "Special of the Return of Xena"...or something like that. They haven't yet, but thankfully you have. My question is this: have you tried to get the original TV series Directors to produce these Virtual episodes??? To at least produce the bringing of Xena back for continued adventures that will live on?? Surely they would have some interest in this as there are still a tremendous amount of fans out here that would love to see this in a Film version. I know it would have to be the same two original actors, but surely they could muster up enough energy and time to do one or two "Specials" for the fans?? Right?? After all, they are taking the time to do cast interviews on the newest DVD release of the Third Season of Xena. They need to re-look at the times we are living in currently and see that more "Hero" shows need to be out there now more than ever, especially female heroes. Anyway, those are my thoughts. Have you had any luck in pursuing this type of idea?

~ Monica ~

ANS: No, we haven't tried to contact the original TV series Directors. We figured Lucy and Renee didn't want to do Xena any longer but if they do go online and see what we've done, maybe they'd change their minds. But so far... no luck *L* But who knows?  Never say never.

I am a huge fan of Xena Warrior Princess and I must say that you have done an amazing job. You have captured very realistically the essence of the work that writers of original six seasons did. I want to congratulate you on the amazing job that you have done with these two seasons. You have managed for most part to keep the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle exactly how the writers of the show did. You can't for sure say that Xena and Gabrielle are a couple but you can't exactly say that they aren't. Only very good writers, in fact only great writers could do that and you have done it. Well done. I really think you guys should write another season.

~ Marko Vilus ~

ANS:  Even though there is no question here, I thought a response would be nice.  We thank you for the compliment.  We strive to do exactly what the show did and I'm glad that you feel we've managed to do so. :)


HMMMMMMM. With all there is to write about X & G. Did writers quit, or was it a unanimus decision. Come on... you can't just leave it at that. Should I post that we (readers) should bombard you with emails to continue writing?? LOL The Subtext Virtual Season is still running. And it is not fair that they get to continue and you don't. Please, please, please? All I have to do is hit SEND, lol.

~ Arianne ~


My friend and I have been reading your comics and think they're really cool. We have some ideas: "Old Ares Had a Farm" pooking fun at the bed scene, "Married with Fishsticks" when the kids tie up Gab and hang her over the sharks, "In Sickness and in Hell" Gab fighting with the bunny, and "Materinal Instincts" having Gab giving Hope the wrong poison and Hope faking her death.
Once again good job on the comics and keep up the good work.

~ rose and larissa ~


First of all, I must congratulate the whole XWPVS Team for providing us with 44 unique episodes. I must say that I'm astounded by the imagination the writers have shown throughout both Virtual Seasons. The creativity behind the stories is something that amazes me, and I wish the actual series had explored some of the magical areas you've put the characters in for this past couple of years.
So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.
Now, as an ardid fan of behind-the-scenes works, in all genres, I'm here to ask for a special favor. You see, the costume designs of the entire virtual series have inspired me in my own works, because of their high quality. Checking the episodes (especially in Season 7) I came across a few of them, but I haven't been able to find them all. For example, the costume designs for Honor Bound Parts I & II, the final design for Gabrielle's VS7 Armor (and the original concept ideas by the various artists who collaborated in the creation process), Gabrielle's VS8 Costume, etc.
I was wondering whether it would be possible for you to upload them to your main page as a new section, perhaps named "The design behind the Virtual Seasons" (which could possibly be included in one of your VS9 specials), or provide me with some links to view them. You could simply send them to me via e-mail, and I'd be happy. :)
I know it's a lot to ask, but I would really appreciate it. Perhaps I could give you guys a hand in expanding the concept designs if you like my idea, and if further help should be required...
I anticipate my gratefulness for taking this into consideration.

Yours sincerely,
~ Andrew L. Tescaroli ~

ANS:  Andrew, as you can see by the link to costume designs on our bottom menu, your wish has been answered.


hi there. i've just learned about this site and was i thrilled! i mean i've just learned about it like twenty minutes ago! it's good to see someone's keeping up the Xeneverse spirit. thanx guys. even if i wrote a million 'thank you's it's still not enough to convey my infinite gratitude. thanx a billion billion billion. keep up the good work guys!

~ stacey kay cardoso ~


Great finale. Had more unexpected turns than FIN.

~ Joe Connell ~


Great script, great artists.
I just found out about the existence of the virtual seasons. But i never thought they will be even better than some stories of the series. Keep the great work up.
Thank you very, very much...

~ Maru ~


I just wanted to drop a note to let you know what an outstanding job you have done to keep XWP alive. Please continue!

~ Indy ~


Great job!
The last episode was excellent. Great bible references! The art work was fantastic. Thanks for all the time and hard work!

~ Stephanie ~


what can i say i have only recently found this site as i am new to this computer thing and over the last three weeks have read virtual series 7 & 8 and i would just like to say that the work that you have done is excellent and that it has brought back to me just how good xena was and how much i have missed not being able to tune in every week so thank you for the new stores and your good work and i cant wait for the special that you will be doing throughout the year many thank

~ lisa ~


I just finished the last episode and wanted to tell you how great the last two seasons were, and how much I appreciate your efforts to keep the show alive.
I can't even begin to comprehend how much of your time, energies and talents went into doing this, but it must have been enormous! And to do it out of love for the show, with no compensation, is just astounding! All of you who had anything to do with the virtual season over these two years is to be commended and complimented! Thanks, thanks, thanks!
I will keep checking the site for updates. You are a great bunch of Xena and Gabrielle fans! Battle on!

~ Carla Capizzi ~

(edited due to length)

First of all I would just like to say that all of you XWPVS PTB deserve a pat on the back. You had a wonderful 2 season run and I am sad to hear that XWPVS is coming to an end. I am happy to here that you will be having some XWPVS "specials" during next year to continue the adventures. But I was just thinking that it is going to be hard for you to keep your fan base interested with XWPVS up until you start airing these specials. Since the series is ending their is really nothing to look forward too, like new episodes or what not.
Then I got thinking of a way you could hold our (the fans) interest. I don't really hang out as much on the message boards as I did on the start of Season 7, but their was always something I really wanted to see. And that's what went on "Behind the Scenes." You know like what episode ideas you were discussing in the restricted access areas.
Anyways, thanks for your time, and again thanks for giving us some great episodes. I look forward to catching the finale tonight!

~ Chak and Sais ~


Thanks for the great episode!! I especially enjoyed this one and look forward to part two. I love seeing the New Testament reference of Christ and His crucifixion. Keep up the excellent work!!

~ Stephanie ~


Heya Mac,
Just read ep 19 and 20
nice to see the sum of all fears used and that X&G's experience overcame their enemies of the past. What remained unclear to me is why Lila tried to kill Gabrielle?
ep 20 - now that looks like the beginning of a story arc. Until it turned out to be Lucifer all along. I thought I'd seen it all. I stand corrected. That was a surprise.

~ Richard K. ~


I know it's a lot of work on all of you guys, and I appreciate the time and effort you all have put into these online series. But it will be a second sad series finale. Have to go through withdrawals again.

Take Care.
~ terry belcher ~


To whom it may concern,
I'm writing this e-mail to let you know how much I appreciated the justice that you have made for one of my all time favorite Archangels, the Archangel Michael for the episode entitled, "To Reign Above, To Serve Below." I was pissed when the episode, "The God You Know," originally portrayed the Archangel in this episode. I mean as I watched that travesty of an episode, I was wondering, "What the hell we're those moronic writers thinking when they wrote this idiotic episode, what happened to the good and nice Archangel from "Fallen Angel." And I've got to admit that I was still pissed when I started reading this episode thinking that you had followed in the path of those moronic writers, since he was still being portrayed in such a nasty way, but as I continued reading the episode, and once I got to the ending of the episode, I calmed down a lot more and realized that you did in fact NOT follow in the path of those idiotic writers, and thought that you had done justice to the Archangel. And you know I had always thought that the reason why the Archangel acted in such a crude way from "The God You Know" was exactly the same thing that you wrote happened to the "Archangel" in the episode aired on Monday of this week. Just thought I'd vent off and told what I think about this episode. See you!

A fan of the show,
~ Gabby ~


I am sorry to see that you are not continuing on with the normal 22 episode season, but I am heartened by the fact that you intend on doing several two-hour specials. I do understand how much time it takes to put these shows up. And to do it voluntarily, without regard for payment, but only because you love the original show so much. You guys have my respect and admiration.
This virtual series has been among the best and I am glad you plan on keeping seasons 7 and 8 up indefinitely. I'm sort of behind on season 8 and need to finish that. But I will be looking forward to the season 8 finale. And by keeping the website up, people who come late to the aired version may discover your stories, as well.
Thanks for all you have done so far and for all you hope to do in the future.

~ bd ~


What shall I do with no XWPVS on Monday Nights?! NO season 9? Arrrggghh! Life is over now. Well, the XWPVS staff and team have done a Marvelous job in bringing us Xena and Gabrielle for another 2 seasons. I know I ain't the only one that will miss the show. I look forward to the specails that will air thorough out the year. You all have really been AWSOME. Thanks for the XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS VS!!

A loyal follower,
~ Kenneth ~


Hi Gang!
I thought I would just say I REALLY enjoyed "Persephone's Revenge" Pt 1 & 2. Some good reading there! "The Revanant" was good too. I was wondering if someone was going to deal with Valasca. And I finally got to finish "Another Day, Another Warlord". I still got to read "Animal Distraction" and "War Horse" to be caught up. Whew!

~ Kenneth ~


Hi, I would like to review season 8 episodes of Xena because i am a big fan of the show and have a great knowledge of all the characters and goings on in the xenaverse, so i would love to review these episodes. It would be great if you would allow me such a privilege.

Thanks - Dan
P.S: i never miss an episode, keep up the good work!

Answer: Anyone wishing to review an episode is welcome to submit their review to the team. Please place in the subject line: "Episode Review" and include in the body of the email the review.

Thank you.
~ XWPVS-xenastaff ~


Hello my name is Andrew Eltham, I'm very behind with the whole virtual seasons, i only just discovered them and i feel that they are amazing! pitty they can't be created in to real episodes because lets face it Xena rules! but hey least we can imagine our heroes still battling on.
I think the episode list page layout is more than adequate. Javascripting is not available for everyone and I think the lack of animation is not a shortcoming. Fancy is not always the best design. In other words, don't let the absence of a flashy banner hold you back.
I was just wondering why don't you put this on television? Because I have a really dumb computer that logs off all the time.

~ ChoXan1 ~


I'm a mexican fan of your web site and, off course, of Xena and Gabrielle. Just a few weeks a go I found your site, and now I can hardly wait for each new episode.
But I really NEED to read the Virtual Season 7, specially the first episode. I found it today, but it is in english.
Every week there is a spanish version of the episode. Please, is it possible that we can have a translation of Virtual Season 7? I will be grateful forever.
Don't forget that Xenaverse have several fans in Latin America. In Mexico we can watch the episodes review by Cable tv and also in No-paid tv. So, we would like to follow the stories of virtual season too.
Thank you and congratulations for your site.

~ Margarita ~

Answer: Please see our La Lista espaņola del Episodio


You are all doing outstanding work! The coordination and process methodology must be working extremely well for the s7 and s8 teams to be so productive. Every time I log in, I'm in awe of the website! I hope that there will be a s9.

~ Carolyn A. Davidson ~


just found this web side thank you. i just love xena. i watch her every day in oxygen. my hope one day is to meet both stars at conv thanks soo much.

~ annette huebner ~

We get this question a lot

I dont mean to bother you but, can you tell me what day, channel, and time does the XWPVS apears on?

Answer: The XWPVS does not appear on TV. It's strictly a fan based, internet production, created and aired by fans of the hit TV show.

~ XWPVS-xenastaff ~


First, I have to say that the ppl who are writing the virtual season are doing a wonderful job! I really love the stories and the way that they are explained. They are easy to read and keep up with; they are also really close in keeping with the writers of the original Xena series. You wouldnt know they werent written by the same ppl. I think the virtual writers have captured the show very well. Perfectly in fact. The same suspense, action, drama, essence of love, honor and all the other ingredients of the original series are easily seen in the virtual series. Well done guys!

~ CajunKatt ~


Hi there,
First of all, I'd like to say a big thank-you for your site. You've done so many things in your series that are so wonderful...you don't know how many times I sit at my computer shaking my head and wishing they had thought to do some of these things when the show was still airing.

Thanks again,
~ Amber ~


You are all doing a beautiful job on the show. I look forward to Mondays nights. I have Xena all day long if I want. Thanks once again,

Battle On!


Greetings! I certainly hope that this e-mail finds you and your fellow team members all well and in good spirits! What an imaginatively creative team you are!



Hi I just read this episode too! I thought it was great! I mean the way they fought along with the Indians and how they reunited the Bigfoot family.



Thank you all for your WONDERFUL Xena virtual series! The stories and art are, in a word, AWSOME! Keep up the great work, you all have MANY SKILLS!

~ Marliss ~


Thank you so much for doing your part to keep the Xenaverse *alive*. I truly appreciate it. Virtual Season 8 is off to a wonderful start ... you have an amazingly creative team ... and the new look to the site is stunning! Thanks for Battling On!

~~Angie Larson~~


Just read Child's Play. Great episode. I only wish I could have seen it as part of the TV series. I would have loved seeing Gabrielle playing mommy to Xena. Look forward to next week's episode. Thanks for the great job.

Cheryl Ande


Just wanted to say to you all, a heart felt, BRAVO! You all are doing a fantastic job in keeping this wonderful series alive. Thank you all, for the time and work you put into this site. GREAT JOB!

~ Fredrica ~

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