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Here are some Questions and answers as to our site , submitting manuscripts, story ideas,  deadlines etc. Any question you may have, don't hesitate to write to us at: Xwpvs

You more than likely have a lot of questions. Hopefully they will be answered here.  If you come up with any others, that we have not considered, don't be afraid to write.

  • What is a Virtual Season?


A virtual season is a continuation of a television series, by it's fans, once the show has either come to an end or has been cancelled. Virtual seasons are fan fiction projects. They are episodes written by the fans which are then posted online. They are not filmed and will not air on your television. No actors are involved. Scripts for this virtual season will be published online and can be read at this website.  This Virtual Season is a continuation of the popular television series Xena: Warrior Princess which recently ended it's run. The X:WP Virtual Season will pick up where the series finale left off.  This is a non-profit fan effort.  Our goal is to continue on where RenPics left off.  All previous episodes will be taken into account.  And, fingers crossed, the virtual season will be YAXI (Yet Another Xena Inconsistency) free.

  • Who's organizing this season?


The seventh virtual season is being organized by Hadley, Guilda,  Macavity, Melissa, Talice, and Zoe. This group of dedicated Xenites are working around the clock in an attempt to bring you a high quality virtual season which matches the essence of the original show. However, the virtual season could not be possible without the numerous volunteers who are writing scripts, beta reading episodes, illustrating the episodes, and helping out numerous other ways.

  •  How can I help?


Beta Readers, Illustrators, web coders, translators (Spanish, French, German and  Greek), English majors are all helpful in presenting a Virtual season to the fans.  If you are willing to volunteer your time, we will gladly let you. The virtual season is nothing without the illustrations to bring the episode to life for the reader.  llustrations do accompany each episode.  Think of it as doing a story-board for a movie. And translators can help those who do not understand English very well. Beta Readers/English majors help to insure that the story flows properly and that grammar is accurate.

We are also open to any other ideas one might have about how you can contribute to the virtual season. 

The most important way that any one individual can help is by telling other fans about the virtual season.  You can do this either by word of mouth or by linking to us from your website.  We can become affiliates. You link to us, and in turn, we link to you.

  • Can I submit episode ideas?


Yes you can.  If you simply have an idea you'd like to pitch for consideration, you can email it to the virtual season team at :   

  • Will it be like normal fan fiction?


The virtual season will be presented in script format and all stories will be carefully worked out to fit into the overall season so that there is a consistent flow from one episode to the next.  So, while this season is technically a work of fan fiction, it will be different in the sense that all the bards involved will be working together to link their stories together.

  • How many episodes will there be each year?


There will be a total of 22 episodes "aired" each virtual season.  Episodes will closely follow the original air dates for the show.   The first episode  aired on Monday, September 24, 2001.

  • How can I view the virtual season?


The Virtual Season  aired its episodes each Monday at approximately 8:00 PM EST. The episodes have remained on the site. All you have to do is visit this website and click on Episode Listings. This will bring you to a listing of both Virtual Season 7, 8, and any specials we have posted since we ended our Virtual Season weekly episodes.

  • How will the subtext be handled?


The subtext will be handled exactly as it was handled on the original television series. Those who wish to see the subtext will find it in every episode, those who don't, won't.  Basically, what goes on off camera between Xena and Gabrielle is their business and we're not going to touch upon it.

  • Will deceased characters be coming back?


As we all know, no one ever really dies in the Xenaverse... so should a story come up which requires a character to come back, they probably will.   However, we are happy to confirm that both Xena and Gabrielle will be in the virtual season episodes.  Now if Xena is alive or not... well, you'll just have to wait and see what happens.

  • Will there be more than one virtual season?


Since Virtual Season was successful, a virtual season 8 did follow.  When we went "off the air" we did produce a couple of specials for the fans because they wanted more. However, producing a virtual season took a great deal of time and effort, and we could only do what we could do. Since everyone who worked/works on the Virtual Season episodes volunteered their services, we couldn't continue at the pace we were because everyone has a life to lead and family to take care of. However, the team has said that if a good idea comes our way, it's always a possibility to produce yet another special episode for the fans. 

  • Can I submit a manuscript?


The XWPVS is not adverse to receiving manuscripts for consideration. There is always the possibility that a current bard will be unable to provide their script and a back-up of emergency scripts are always welcome.  There is no guarantee however, that your manuscript will either be accepted or aired. But it will be read and considered. If we feel that your manuscript has potential, you will be contacted and asked if you are willing to make suggested changes and have your script completed by a specific date.

  • What about deadlines?


Deadlines were very important and had to be met because the VS team was required to read the script, make comments and suggestions. However, since we only produce specials at this time, deadlines are not an issue. A submitted script will be beta read for final disposition. If it is accepted, then the illustrators are contacted to see if they are available to do the artwork. At this time we no longer have translators, so if you are fluent and would like to volunteer your services we will gladly welcome you aboard.

  • Are there guide-lines?


Yes.  The manuscript should be written in Courier text, leaving a two (2) inch margin on either side for comments by the Beta Reader.  Double spaced. Header at the top of each page with the title and page number.  The script should be in episode format. Please see our episodes as they are exactly how we want them. Also, indicate where you would like illustrations to go

Submit a Question: If you have any other questions, write to: theofficialxwpvs


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