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  This interview was conducted sometime before the virtual season 7 went on the air.

Anyone wishing to conduct a more current interview can contact us at:  theofficialxwpvs@hotmail.com

Q: What is this “Virtual” season thing?

Well, Webster’s dictionary describes the word Virtual as: 1. being such practically or in effect, although not actual fact or name…

But seems to me that to understand THAT meaning, you’d need a PhD in linguistics! *L* There’s got to be a simpler, easier way to define a virtual season… Okay, so let’s apply Webster’s meaning in my simplistic terms…

We once had a television series airing new adventures of the Warrior Princess once a week, and then we had the reruns during the summer when most of us would be suffering XWS and now the series has ended. No new adventures to satisfy the fans, leaving them feeling abandoned and lost… I mean, when you stop to think about it, there really aren’t that many great shows on TV that you’d say “I can’t miss an episode” you know?

So, along comes this handful (plus two)… of the series’ fans. They decide, well… if we can’t “watch” the episodes, why can’t we “read” the episodes? We can re-create the series, in a manner of speaking… and let the fans have more of what they crave. So, they set about creating something that was once ‘fact’ but is now more like fact set to a different reality. I guess you could say it’s an alternate Xenaverse *L* airing on cyberspace rather than airwaves or whatever that come through your TV screen.


Q: Who’s working on this so called, Virtual or ‘alternate Reality’?

Believe it or not… FANS! We’ve got something like sixteen (16) volunteer writers ranging from all ages and gender… and something like over forty (40) volunteer beta readers with various backgrounds... and a handful of illustrators to provide drawings. And I don’t think that includes the seven core team members.

Q: Are the core team members writing any episodes?

*L* oh yes. Definitely. I for one, along with Talice and guilda have written the season opener, which is a two parter, Hadley is working with several other bards in putting together some other episodes, and Melissa is working on two episodes as well… I think we’ve got five or six episodes in the making… not really sure…

Q: Can you tell us about the first episode?

I could… but then I’d have to kill you. *L*


Q: Well, can you tell us if Xena is going to be brought back?

See the above answer *LOL*

Q: Okay, since you can’t tell us anything about the first episode, other than it’s a two parter, can you tell us when it will air?

It’s scheduled to hit the internet on or about September 24th… tentatively…

Q: How did word spread?

Well, that’s kind of weird… We’d had the site up since about March… but we weren’t receiving any inquiries… so, just about when the finale aired, I decided to send an email out to some of my internet friends… you know, just to let them know that we were working on something…

I’d also sent a note off to Kym Taborn, the mastermind behind Whoosh!, but she said once it’s up and ready, let us know and we’ll spread the word.

Before the site was ready, and even while it was undergoing some major renovations behind the scene, we were being inundated by inquiries and volunteers and we didn’t have anything put together yet! Basically I just wanted my friends to know that something was in the making! *L*


Q: Then you weren’t expecting the response you got?

Hell no! *L*
The way the original series had ended… and the things we were reading on the various forums… we figured, this is NOT going to take off. The fans are really, really pissed. They feel betrayed. So when we saw the emails coming in the way they were… MAN, you wanna talk about a team scurrying around to get there acts together! *L* Thank the gods for Hadley!

Q: Okay, who’s Hadley?

Hadley’s the mastermind behind this whole project! I honestly don’t think she ever sleeps! I have this mental image of this long haired brunette sitting in front of her computer, fending off her husband (who needs the computer for doing his reports) with a sword in one hand and this huge pot of coffee in the other! *LOL*

Q: So, how did you get involved in all this?

I’m not really sure! *L* I think I received an email from her telling me what she had planned and asking me to pleeeeease join and help. I couldn’t refuse! I’m a bard at heart and was just one of the millions who didn’t want this series to end. Man… I have NO clue what I’m going to watch on TV come Saturday nights now! *L* The little of what I see on the WB right now is… well… we’re right back in the same boat we were in six years ago, before the ACTION pack series started… old movies we’ve seen a dozen times before… *sigh*

Now if the WB were smart, they’d get the rerun rights to all the Star Trek episodes and air them during those two hours! *LOL*
Q: What do you guys have planned if this Virtual Season takes off and the fans want more?

A: Hmmmm… well… if season seven (7) is a hit… we’re seriously thinking of having a little mini convention or something… some kind of a get together where the fans can meet us and we can meet them… where the volunteer bards and beta readers can meet us and we can meet them… and where WE, the team can meet each other! I don’t know… maybe we’ll have a Xenite BBQ or something! Would be cool, no? *L*

And of course, if the fans want more… we’ll try to give them more…

Q: You’ve never met any of the team members?

Nope. But so far, we get along like we’ve known each other for years… *L* We’ll probably hate one another when we meet IRL… but I sure hope not! *L*

Q: So am I correct in assuming that if season seven goes well, there will be a season eight?

Oh yes… definitely… if we can remain sane through season seven! *L* Personally, I didn’t realize how much work is involved in all this… though Hadley has taken on the brunt of it… She should get an award or something... Maybe a new urn for her coffee! *L*

Q: You mentioned earlier that the site underwent some major renovations… care to elaborate on that?

Well, the original site was very simple. Beautifully done. Black background with a neat silhouette of Xena and Gabrielle in purple hues ... wish I hadn't lost the artwork...

I had a Xena website up on tripod, and I was contacted by this young lady who was putting my poetry into graphics… and the rest is history… we made her our webmaster and she’s just made it look so… so… gods! Like a REAL honest to gods, VIRTUAL reality thing, ya know? ZOE, we LOVE what you’ve done! *L*

She hates when I do that… but I’m just so proud of the work she’s done for us!

Q: Do you think that any of the original cast and/or crew will be involved in your virtual season?

If you mean, like write episodes or something… I don’t know… I don’t even know if they are aware it exists. I think it would be great if they did… and I think the fans would be thrilled too. And if they’d like to just write to us for any reason, we’d be more than happy to set up a page where we can post their notes to us and the fans.

Basically, I just hope that any and all of TPTB understand that we are just fans creating something new from their original concept based on our love, respect, and admiration for all the hard work they did in presenting us with such a great show each week… And we just want to keep the legend alive. That we really aren’t intending to infringe on any of their copyrights or anything. It’s strictly fan based. NO profit what-so-ever is being made off this adventure… we just loved the show… loved the concept… and want to keep it alive for them *s*

Q: Is there anything you’d like to add here?

Yeah… No matter what, Battle ON!



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