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Episode Listings

Here you will find all 44 episodes (virtual season 7 & 8) including the specials we produced after we ended our run when virtual season 8 came to a conclusion.


Virtual Season 7

Episode 1: Honor Bound Part 1

Episode 2: Honor Bound Part 2

Episode 3: Strange Tidings

Episode 4: Arabian Nights

Episode 5: The Game

Episode 6: And Egypt Shall Rise

Episode 7: The Laurel Tree

Episode 8: Flowers, Feathers & Family

Episode 9: Battle of Amphipolis

Episode 10:  A Nation Under Siege

Episode 11:  A Day in the Camp

Episode 12:  Lights, Camera, Action!


Virtual Season 7

Episode 713:  Maids, Mazes and Minotaurs

Episode 714:  Love Potion No. 9

Episode 15:  Another Day, Another Warlord

Episode 16:  All Roads Lead to Rome

Episode 17:  We Who Are About to Die

Episode 18:  Truth or Dare

Episode 19:  Go West Young Warrior

Episode 20:  Go West Young Warrior, Part 2

Episode 21:  Mayan Madness

Episode 22:  War Cries


Once the episodes aired, they were taken off-line and re-aired during the summer.  At this time, they are simply left online for fans.

Virtual Season 8

Episode 1:  Child's Play

Episode 2:  Children of the Forrest

Episode 3:  Future Echoes

Episode 4:  Wampum

Episode 5:  Curse of the Lake Demon

Episode 6:  Small Sacrifices

Episode 7:  Queen Maeve's Grave

Episode 8:  Foiled Plans (Mel/Janice episode)

Episode 9:  Wolf's Bane

Episode 10:  Spooky Seaside Spirits

Episode 11:  The Winter's Tale

Episode 12: Persephone's Revenge part I


Virtual Season 8

Episode 13: Persephone's Revenge part 2

Episode 14: Revenant

Episode 815:  Animal Distraction

Episode 16: War Horse

Episode 817: Lost Vega

Episode 18: Trinity

Episode 19:  Face of Evil

Episode 20:  To Reign Above, To Serve Below

Episode 21:  Wrath of Hell

Epidsode 22:  Mercy of Heaven

Our Virtual Season 8 was our final one. However, we did produce several specials. The links will be provided once the episodes are coded.


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