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Welcome to the Official XWPVS Virtual Season Special Episode Section.  On occasion the XWPVS staff presents special Virtual Episodes of Xena: Warrior Princess. Although the episodes are few and far between, we do hope they are quality and that you enjoy them. If you have a story idea you would like to submit, please contact us at:


Of Gods and Heroes - Part I

Ares is on the warpath. Twenty-seven years after the battle that killed Zeus and many of the Gods on Olympus, Ares wants - not only revenge - but to be King of the Gods.

Who will pay the ultimate price?



Will Xena's plan to trap Ares and end his reign of terror on her family and loved ones - not to mention end his dream of becoming  King of the Gods, succeed?

Read the conclusion of:

Of Gods and Heroes - Part 2



Dream A Little Dream - Part I

This special takes place after the first time Xena died and is brought back to the living by Ambrosia.

Gabrielle is having strange nightmares. Dreams in which she IS Xena and is reliving the Warrior Princess' life.

Is Ares up to his old tricks?

Dream A Little Dream - Part II