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Meet the Staff

You will be introduced to the entire team, from production staff to illustrators, and everyone in-between.

The XWPVS was the brainchild of Hadley Langosy
(shown much younger than her 20 something years in this photo.)
The website went online to advertise the Virtual Series in July of 2001. The first episode, Honor Bound, which brought Xena back from the dead, made its internet debut on Monday September 24th, 8:00 p.m. EST.

Hadley also co-wrote And Egypt Shall Rise with Bezalel,  Flowers, Feathers & Family, and Arabian Nights with Heather Creely.

She was the original Producer/Director of the Xena: Warrior Princess Virtual Season 7, helping to bring seventeen episodes online with her team and having a hand in the design of the original website. Unfortunately, relocating from the UK back to the US and family responsibilities lead Hadley to turn the virtual season over to her trusted second in command, Macavity (Chris Schinella). She is currently raising two children in the Boston area and working as a freelance web designer.

Chris Schinella aka
Macavity/Mac/the Rob
Production Manager
Nicknamed: The Rob
Started with Hadley. Took control of xwpvs December 2001 while Hadley made the transition from England to the USA.

Given official control in 2002.

Chris worked in the law enforcement division of the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission and worked on scripts when off duty.

Currently retired, she maintains the website. When the XWPVS was fully active she was responsible for: Web updates, episode coding, liaison to translators, creator of all scheduling, idea person, writer and final decision maker on episodes. Hence the nickname, The Rob.

Wrote: Wrath of Hell

co-wrote: Honor Bound, Child's Play, Wampum, Foiled Plans, and Mercy of Heaven

Diane Taubold
aka Talice
Production Manager/Beta-Reader Coordinator
She joined the xwpvs-xenastaff shortly after its inception.  Designated as the beta reader coordinator due to her ability to speed read, her language skills, and ability to communicate in a delicate manner with all concerned.

She is also one of the teams writers, being responsible for the Tear Jerker, "War Horse", and co-wrote Honor Bound, Child's Play, Wampum, Foiled Plans, and Mercy of Heaven

Her duties also include assigning beta readers scripts, providing deadlines, relaying the comments and suggestions to the writers in regards to their script.


Kathy Austin
Art Director
Kathy joined the XWPVS as an illustrator at the beginning of the season. She had submitted an illustration for the fan art page, and of course, we just HAD to grab her. As you have seen in the episodes she has illustrated, her talents could not be overlooked.

Her dedication, artistic skills, and coordination abilities had earned her a position on the staff. She has illustrated a number of episodes, both alone and with the assistance of several of our hard working artists on staff.

Kathy has also co-written Lost Vega along with Trish, gina, Amber, and MaryCat.

In real life, Kathy is an architect. Her business url is: Katherine Austin, AIA

Kathy has had several showings of her artwork, most recently on classic car paintings. If you'd like to see her work, this url will take you there, classic car paintings and if you saw our main page, you know she is having another showing between April 22, 2012 - June 2, 2012. 

Mary Cornwell

Secretary/Public Relations officer
Mary handles pretty much all of the xwpvs email. She maintains the xwpvs-Discussion List, The team owner and team email list, ensures that the most current episode is sent to out to the members of the xwpvs, and on occasions when our server was down, manages to get the episode posted on her own website.
Link to: CFXS

The Core Team

Who Helped make the xwpvs tick?

In all honesty, the XWPVS would be a blank page if it weren't for the numerous volunteers who helped in the production of the virtual weekly series.

Many of them had a vote in what we opted to air, offered suggestions to potential writers, and generally pointed writers in the right direction.

Considering that many of our volunteers worked full time, and/or were full time students with jobs after school, the dedication they showed - not only to us at the XWPVS, but to the show itself - speaks volumes of their character.

We'd like to introduce you to those who helped make the Xena: Warrior Princess Virtual Series tick.

Bezalel (real name unknown) hails from Greece. She was our first web master, assisting Hadley in the design and layout of the web site, coding episodes and getting them online on a weekly basis. She worked with the team for several months, but her editing schedule at work took her away from us. She also co-wrote And Egypt Shall Rise with Hadley Langosy.


Nando (real name unknown) hails from the U.S. At the time, he was a young full time art student and an up and coming young artist who blew us away with what he could do with the program "DreamWeaver" (I think that's what it was called).

He took over the duties and chores of the web master after Ariel and Bezalel resigned to pursue their career opportunities.

Nando also designed some fantastic background images for our pages, as well as some of the costumes for our heroines, not to mention a weapon or two. Unfortunately, the background images managed to get corrupted and I've gone back to sweet and simple.

 He worked with the VS for several months before having to dedicate his time to his college responsibilities and class projects.


The team writers consisted of several individuals who contributed a number of scripts for the VS. In reality, the scripts they had written were geared as back ups in the event a writer could not meet their specific deadline for a script they were working on. Good thing we had them, or ... well, you get the picture...

Iris Goldfeder, was not only a point person for a number of writers who submitted work, as well as a beta reader, she also assisted in writing Honor Bound and was also co-writer of Spooky Sea Side Spirits, and Face of Evil with Heather Creely.

To us, she was also known as the Liz Friedman of the xwpvs (Iris constantly reminds the team about Xena and Gabrielle's "relationship".)

Heather Creely was also a point person, beta reader and writer for the XWPVS. She edited Go West young Warrior - a story by CN Winters and she co-wrote several episodes:  Arabian Nights, with Hadley Langosy, Spooky Sea Side Spirits and Face of Evil with Iris Goldfeder, Flowers, Feathers & Familywith Hadley Langosy, Mayan Madness with Richard B.Kloosterboer.


Magenta (real name unknown) was also a point person, beta reader and writer of many of the VS episodes. She wrote: The Game, Future Echoes, Wolf's Bane, The Revenant, and Trinity. She co-wrote Wampum


Karen Lines may not have been one of our staff, but she did contribute a number of scripts and deserves mention here. She is the author of: The Laurel Tree, Small Sacrifices and  Queen Maeve's Grave.


41 Cyg
Reviewer/Research Analyst

41 Cyg (real name unknown) was an honorary core team member.
His reviews on the forum were tactful, insightful, and managed to convey to the writers the "What could have been."
He was inducted into the core team shortly after the holidays and has provided very good feedback, based on his research - especially with the "religious" arc that took place at the end of Virtual Season 8.

The Artists without whom there would be nothing but text on your screen are listed here. We couldn't get everyone to donate a picture of themselves or too much of a bio - but those who did submit something, are listed here.

This talented young woman takes the time from her busy schedule as an Analyst for an organization that performs character and fitness reports for wannabe lawyers (and
taking the bar exams across the country) to provide the xwpvs with its teaser ads for each of our episodes. She's been doing them since its debut on the internet back in 2001.  At the current time, we are trying to find her to update our bio and provide you with a link to her site/s.


Gina has illustrated several episodes for the series (on her own and working with her team mates), and also contributed some writing on a 2 part episode that several of the staff worked on together. She enjoys creating Xena & Gabrielle art, as well as Goddess, fantasy and nature paintings, also creating original commissions, as well as sells art prints of her work. Gina’s artwork has been shown locally, and has also appeared in Circle Magazine and in Sage Woman Magazine. She was a staff writer for 3 years for Haute Doll magazine, and has also contributed as a writer to Doll Reader Magazine.
Marycat is a registered nurse. She sent the xwpvs a sample of fan art for our fan-art page. One look at her wonderful work, and we knew we just HAD snatch her up, so we sent her off a little note asking if she'd like to join our team. She joined us shortly after the Christmas holidays, saying she'd only be able to do an illustration here and there because of her busy schedule at the hospital and raising a little one. Well, needless to say, she got hooked. "Drawing Xena illustrations," she said, "can be VERY therapeutic." Her illustrations made their debut in episode: 811 The Winter's Tale.




 Since Trish debuted her artistic talents on the XWPVS back in the day, she has since refined and cultivated her artistic talents as she continued on in the art field.  Her artistry has expanded into not only the realistic pencil art work, but also into graphic arts and beyond.  Currently, Trish has many clients for whom she does graphic work for and takes private commissions for pencil art as well.  She's delved into the fantasy realm of realistic pencil art with her depictions of mythological creatures and also stays grounded with beautiful pencil family portraits and everything in between.  You too, can commission Trish Ellis for any and all of your art needs or just take a leisurely stroll through her gallery!  Either way, you'll have an Artsy Fartsy good time *g*
  Vio, was a dedicated 'mom' of a toddler at the time she began illustrations for us. After adding another little Xenite to the Xenaverse, she had to resign to spend more time with her family.  She worked as a good team-mate with numerous illustrators to provide wonderful artwork for numerous scripts and has also worked on a script or two on her own.






Honorable Mentions

was another talented artist who submitted artwork for our fan-art page, and again the team saw another marvelous talent. We asked her to join the art staff, which she did. Her illustrations made their debut in the epidosde: 811 The Winter's Tale.

Sharon "Scully" and Rich
Provided us with a number of  illustrations as well. It was hard losing both of them to personal responsibilities.

Ariel assisted both Hadley and Bezalel in coding the episodes.

The Translators:

Yes, believe it or not, we do have our episodes in other languages. Spanish and French. We would like to add German, but have yet to find translators for that. The Spanish and French episodes will be added to this site within the next several months, but in the meantime, I would like to take the opportunity to introduce the members who did the translating.

The translators have been a great help, not only to the XWPVS, but to the fans of the syndicated television series. They have worked hard and put in many long hours to translate each script presented on the Virtual Season each week. However, due to the amount of work required, they not only need volunteers to help them, but require the scripts approximately 20 days before air date. There are times the scripts are late, which is one reason why the xwpvs has worked out a schedule, allowing for the translated scripts to air a week or two longer than usual. Anyone wishing to volunteer to translate may offer their services to the following:

Spanish: Rosa - rosadabril@hotmail.com or xenacentro@hotmail.com


Was the only staff member of XenaCentro who provided an image. She was one of the core members of XenaCentro who helped in coding the episodes into Spanish.

French Translators

fausta a.k.a V F


I know there were at least two more individuals who worked on the French versions, but due to the loss of data on my numerous computers, their names are lost. I hope that if they see this, they can contact us and give us a little bio.


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